Monday, December 29, 2008

Next Up...New Years

Had a nice Christmas. Pretty low key, but that is how we like it around here. Got a few nice gifts...a couple sportcoats, pants, a book, a calendar...mostly "functional" items.

We went to a couple after Christmas sales Friday. The mall was insane, but I did grab a $4 pair of slippers, and later picked up holiday cards for next season for about $4 a box...not bad.

It was an interesting week with a puppy running sister's combined birthday and Christmas gift was a dog. She's had him since Mid-Nov, and he is cute as hell...sure keeps us on our toes though, especially with the cats. They are happy he has gone back to his home so they can have the run of the house again.

Two more days in 2008...where did the year go?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone out there!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick Update

A few quick points for any readers I might still have who wonder what I've been up to.

-It's the holidays, and I still haven't done any shopping!
-I hate Comcast this week, our internet connection is possessed!
-I don't have a job yet, boo!
-I do have an internship of sorts helping some high school friends with their nonprofit foundation.
-Working on grad school applications.

Nothing decidedly "gay" going on in my life at the coming outs or anything, so this blog has suffered a bit. Both my blogs have really, I'm in a bit of a writing funk.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Olbermann Sounds Off on Prop 8

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann comments on the passage of California's Proposition 8:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote Tomorrow!!!

No matter which side you are on, be a good citizen. Exercise your RIGHT to VOTE!!

Thanks to YouTube user tyleroakley for this PSA

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween--Updates

I've been in a bit of a blogging funk lately...just not much to say. But, the last couple of weeks have been pretty active in terms of my social life. I know..."B has a social life?"

More Coming Out:
Went to a going away happy hour for someone I worked with in student leadership for several years on the state level who resigned from his staff position. It turned into a long night that included my coming out to him, another staff member and a couple of alumni. The other staff person was actually on student gov't with me at my school and said she figured it all along. I'm finding it tends to slip when I have been drinking and start to vent about the various frustrations in my life.

Evening Out:
Went to the birthday dinner for the student worker in my former office Saturday night. Afterwords, I went and had coffee with one of the guys I have been chatting with online---I joined a couple of websites in an attempt to meet some guys in my area. He was a nice guy and I think there might be a possible friendship there.

Had lunch yesterday with another guy I have been communicating with over the same website. He too, was a nice, genuine guy and we had decent conversation. He did say he was open to hanging out again and I hope we can. I think the ball is in my court. Seemed like he was into being friends, and mentioned wanting to meet some of my friends, which I guess is a positive sign.

The "Date" Debate:
There has been some back and forth among other friends and I about whether meeting these guys constituted "first dates," particularly the meal with guy number two. I prefer to think of them as casual meetings of potential friends, since nothing more than a friendship is asked or expected. None of the parties involved are looking on this website expecting to find a romantic connection.

Readers: What do you think? Am I dating?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Sad Reality Hits Home

This afternoon, a blogger friend of mine with whom I have become very close IMed me to tell me he had a story about an "incident" last night involving his two best friends. He said he'd fill me in later, when he was home and not messaging from his cell phone. Being that we talk daily, and often about these guys, who we refer to as The Twins, I thought I knew what to expect---The Twins sound like wonderful kids who've gotten themselves in some pretty interesting situations.

I was not prepared for what I heard. I was told that last night they arrived home from an evening out with Twin B's parents to discover their home and new vehicles had been broken, tires slashed, and slurs scrawled in several places.

And that was not the worst of it. The neighborhood punks responsible for the vandalism were still around and attacked the two. They will recover, but both sustained injuries ranging from bruised ribs to a broken leg.

As my friend shared this with me, my heart sank. Until tonight, gay bashing was something I'd only seen on the news or in television shows. I've always known it was real, but it hadn't happened to anyone I knew--or if it had, I didn't know about it.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. It sickens me that these two people would be attacked on their own property, in a neighborhood where Twin B grew up, simply because they are a gay couple. It sounds like an episode of QAF, but it's not, it's reality.

And that's pretty damn fucked up.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Worst Kept Secret In Hollywood?

Clay Aiken is gay.

Really? I'm stunned! Is there anyone left who didn't think he was? I mean, more power to him for choosing to come out, but this seems to be an example of a rather anti- climactic non story.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FYI, I Am Alive...

In case some of you are wondering, I am still here...I've simply been busy or preoccupied with other things lately.

Promise I'll be back shortly!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NBC: We Can't Cover Everything

Interesting article on NBC's lack of coverage of openly gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham's victory in last week's Olympic Games.

NBC on Mitcham’s stunning Olympic upset: We can’t cover everything

Making Political History

History has been made...Barack Obama is the first ever African American candidate for President of the United States.

I haven't watched as much of the convention as one might expect. While I am interested in politics, I don't watch CNN for hours on end...except maybe on election night.

I did catch Hillary Clinton's address last night, and she seemed to do a good job of endorsing him and motivating her supporters to do the same, the message being that if they supported her because of what she stands for, then they should be on board with Obama. While McCain wants to court her supporters, the fact of the matter is very few will go for him...I know I would not vote for a polar opposite candidate out of primary bitterness.

I thought it was a good symbolic gesture that she was the one who called for an end to the roll call and his nomination by acclimation...another sign that they are trying to unify the party.

Admittedly, I don't know a ton about Joe Biden, but from what I can see he does bring a lot of experience to the ticket. And whether one agrees with him or not, after seeing his speech tonight, it's hard to argue his ability to deliver an energizing address and fire people up.

Will be interesting to see how Obama defines himself tomorrow evening.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Overdue

I had dinner with Country Girl and Fly Boy on Saturday night. It was, as the title suggests, long overdue. I had not seen either of them since my "coming out dinner" in November, and by coincidence, we chose the same restaurant.

We had a nice visit and they are both doing well. Fly Boy will be moving out of the area soon, and it will be interesting to see how Country Girl takes it. She got very emotional when it was time to part ways after dinner, even though she knows she'll see him again before he leaves, and I should as well, as I told him I would make good on my November promise to go to the bar with him.

Also had the chance to meet her latest gay friend, a kid from her work I've been hearing about all summer. He seems like a decent guy. We were all joking about how she seems to attract us, and we really don't know why.

It was a nice evening and great to catch up.

Now I need to make a point to see MBA Man, as I have not seen him since mid-February.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Already?

I can't believe we are into August already. This summer has flown by so fast even though I feel like I have gotten nothing done.

Some random items...

Went up to my alma mater for a day last week. It was like being "home" and was a nice visit even though I started to feel sick about halfway through the day. Some 24 hour bug. Icky.

I'm still looking for a job, which pretty much sucks. Anyone out there who's looking knows the market is soft and I'm really unsure at this point what is going to happen. It's frustrating and somewhat depressing.

My friends are fine. Country Girl has been really into the whole "ally" thing in recent months, which is cool...but sometimes that's all she seems to want to discuss. She was rather up in arms recently over Fly Boy, who decided he was moving to three different places in three weeks. He finally settled on Hawaii to be with an ex...not sure about that one, but to each his own choices.

Daisy Duke and Apple Guy will both be living in our metro area this fall....she's doing something with marketing research and he nonprofit work. I have not seen either in several months and hope to now that we're near each other again.

MBA Man has adjusted to life "in the sticks" as he calls it....except for the lack of eligible bachelors.

I guess that's all for now...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have been hit by comment spam. Therefore all comments to this blog will now be moderated.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Time...

Another election gem from JibJab.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100th FMO Post

Yes, it pales in comparison to the nearly 700 on the other blog I keep, but is a milestone nonetheless.

100 posts here on FMO.

Neglecting The Blog...

It’s strange to think how long I have been away from this blog. I’ve probably lost most readers I once had.

As you’ll note below, I took a couple of vacations recently. First, I went fishing in Northern Minnesota with my father. It’s one of those activities that we have always done together and bonded over…but in the last few years, our opportunities to do it have been limited by work and school. It was a nice trip, and we caught fish and had good conversations. Some of you may wonder, and the answer is no—I did not come out to him and still do not plan to until I have left the house.

Second up was a trip out to Colorado to see my grandparents and aunt on Dad’s side. I have always enjoyed visiting out there and despite distance have been quite close with his family over the years. We had a wonderful visit.

It’s always funny to listen to my grandparents speak of what a wonderful person I am and how they would not change anything about me. That is, anything they know about…somehow I think my star would shine a little less brightly if they knew I was gay, as they simply do not approve of homosexuality. I believe I have blogged before about the fact that it is one part of my life they will never know about—it’s not worth risking the closeness we share for whatever years they may have left.

And now, friends, it'll be business as usual for a while.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Travels

Back from one trip and leaving on another. Heading to Colorado today to visit relatives for a few days. Happy Fourth of July!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting Out of Town...

On vacation for a week. Updates when I return.

To my MN readers...Happy Twin Cities Pride!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Much to Say, But I'm Still Here

Reading Matt's most recent post made me think. Like him, I just have not had much to say on this blog in recent times. Actually, the post frequency on both my blogs has slowed quite a bit. But...I'm not giving it up, as I still find it enjoyable to sit down and write on occasion.

Not much exciting going on in my life. I'm in the middle of my third week of unemployment, which sucks, but I press on. What else can I do, right? Definitely not where I wanted or expected to be right now. Cross your fingers for me that something will come along soon. In the meantime, I have a couple of trips coming up...something to look forward to.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

On Thursday, I turned 24.

On Friday. I was told that I am being let go from my job at the end of this week, Friday May 30.

What a great B-Day present huh?

Back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Questions to Ask Yourself

Saw this on Mike's blog...questions you should ask yourself before coming out to your parents, or anyone for that matter.

Are you sure about your sexual orientation?


Are you comfortable with your gay sexuality?
More or less, yes. My comfort level has grown with time.

Do you have support? In the event your parents' reaction devastates you, there should be someone or a group that you can confidently turn to for emotional support and strength. Maintaining your sense of self-worth is critical.
Yes, particularly from MBA Man and that group, my blogger friends, Student Worker...whether he should know or not, he does.

Are you knowledgeable about homosexuality? Your parents will probably respond based on a lifetime of information from a homophobic society. If you've done some serious reading on the subject, you'll be able to assist them by sharing reliable information and research.
I'm not well-read on the subject but can answer the basic questions.

What's the emotional climate at home? If you have the choice of when to tell, consider the timing. Choose a time when they're not dealing with such matters as the death of a close friend, pending surgery or the loss of a job.
Climate is good, as is our relationship.

Can you be patient? Your parents will require time to deal with this information if they haven't considered it prior to your sharing. The process may last from six months to two years.

What's your motive for coming out now? Hopefully, it is because you love them and are uncomfortable with the distance you feel. Never come out in anger or during an argument, using your sexuality as a weapon.
Mike has it pegged here: "To stop lying to my parents, to be more truthful. To also be able to live my life more openly and perhaps pursue a relationship."

Do you have available resources? Homosexuality is a subject most non-gay people know little about. Have available at least one of the following: a book addressed to parents, a contact for the local or national Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, the name of a non-gay counselor who can deal fairly with the issue.
Books? Maybe I'll call Country Girl, what with all the homo research she has taken to doing.

Are you financially dependent on your parents? If you suspect they are capable of withdrawing college finances or forcing you out of the house, you may choose to wait until they do not have this weapon to hold over you.
I am employed full time with full benefits. I have plans to move out in the next 6 months or so, and have been working on taking control of all my finances.

What is your general relationship with your parents? If you've gotten along well and have always known their love -- and shared your love for them in return -- chances are they'll be able to deal with the issue in a positive way.

What is their moral societal view? If they tend to see social issues in clear terms of good/bad or holy/sinful, you may anticipate that they will have serious problems dealing with your sexuality. If, however, they've evidenced a degree of flexibility when dealing with other changing societal matters, you may be able to anticipate a willingness to work this through with you.
Mom took it quite well, it seems. She tends to believe along the same lines I do...that homosexuality is not a choice. I worry more about Dad's reaction, which is why he does not know yet.

Is this your decision? Not everyone should come out to their parents. Don't be pressured into it if you're not sure you'll be better off by doing so -- no matter what their response.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Hag" Drama

Country Girl has decided to take on a new crusade as a gay rights activist.

She wants to write a book about homosexuality.

She has joined the local chapter of PFLAG.

We (MBA Man, Fly Boy, me and the rest) support her in her endeavors and value her as a friend and ally. However, it seems like every conversation I have with her now turns to homosexuality. She has taken her interest in and concern for us to a level where it seems she's losing sight of who we are aside from being gay.

I love her, we all do, but we're tired.

How does one tell a dear friend when enough is enough?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

On Hiatus for a Week or Two

It occurred to me today I have not blogged here since March 18.

I'm still here, and still planning to blog. But, I am taking a short hiatus. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be working on putting a dent in my Google Reader backlog and on a couple of longer posts I have in draft.

I'll return soon. Happy Spring everyone!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's Humor

Today while at work, another coworker looked at our clearly and openly gay student worker and said:

"S, you need a girl."

Which of course was followed by some chuckling after she walked away. Apparently her gaydar needs a little tuning.

Out at Work?-Part II

I am officially out to the student worker.

Why did I lay my cards on the table?

I'm with this kid a lot. He works almost as much in a given week as our full time staff...30 hours or sometimes more. When you're around a person so much, and in such close proximity, you talk a lot. And this guy asks lots of questions...about my family, friends, social activities, name it.

Yes, I could just refuse to discuss my personal life. But this is not just a student off the street...he's as much a coworker and friend as anything. And he'd likely have put the pieces together by now anyway. So, for better or worse, I told him.

And you know what? It felt good.

Spring Break

Or lack thereof. Welcome to the real world, even when you work at a school. wishes to K, Troy, and the whole CA blogger crew for a wonderful time together!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where's B?

Some of you may be asking that question.

I've been a bit MIA from the blog lately. I've been busy with work, and distracted by other things. But, I assure you, dear readers, that I haven't disappeared and everything is fine. Those of you I talk to regularly know this.

Hopefully, I will have time to catch up with reading, writing and commenting in the next few days. I definitely have a few things I would like to talk about here.

For now, I'm preparing to leave for a quick, last minute jaunt to Grandma's with Mom...down today, back tomorrow...lots of time in the car for us.

Have a good weekend out there!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dems Battle it Out

Well, it looks like half the 2008 presidential race is figured out. McCain clinched the Republican major surprise there.

On the Democratic side, it appears Hillary has a slight bump in momentum, but Obama is still ahead in delegates and neither is yet close to the number needed to secure their nomination.

My opinion? A McCain-Clinton match up would be far less interesting than McCain-Obama. Clinton and McCain are two "old pols" it seems...Obama may provide more contrast. It's time for a new generation in the "upper level" of American Politics.

It'll be interesting to see the rest of this race play out.

For More...
CNN Politics

And some other bloggers talking about politics frequently:

Josh and Josh
Argyle Lounge

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Story From Last Weekend

Last weekend I was asked to attend and help out with a diversity conference the student association I used to be involved in was putting on, Of course, I gladly did.

One of the activities was watching a dramatic dialogue performance. There were three scenes acted out, and each was followed by discussion with the audience. One was about homosexuality and a guy coming out to his college roommate. Basically, the roommate in the scene had a hard time dealing with the fact that his friend of two years was gay and he did not know it.

In the discussion that followed, one person noted that she understood the frustration of the straight roommate because two years is a long time to hide. All I could think was "Two years is nothing"

Later, the moderator of the discussion asked if anyone was willing to share a coming out story. An openly gay member of the group did.

I was extremely tempted at that moment to just say raise my hand and address the group, and tell them that I'm gay...that stereotypes don't fit and even a respected and well known association alum like me can be...and it can be hidden for a long time (I've known some of these folks over 5 years now)

But alas, I did not. The time was not right and I did not want to become the talk of the weekend . The public venue was inappropriate. But the very fact I thought of doing it shows that my comfort level with it is increasing.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Out at Work?

On Monday, I got a surprise call at my office from MBA Man. He wanted to briefly chat about a couple of things. Some of the conversation was clearly "gay" themed...or at least it may have sounded so to anyone who paid attention.

I used as much discretion as I could with my choice of words, etc. You see, I do not have a private office. In fact, I sit at a front desk. And right next to me, within easy earshot of every word I said was the student worker assigned to my area.

Now, this particular student is a confirmed homo...and I would be beyond shocked if he did not draw certain conclusions based on what he heard.

But I've realized something...I don't care much. While I'm not going to start acting more obvious or send memos announcing it, I am more at ease about people knowing I'm gay. If they figure it out, so be it. After all, the area I work in is a branch of the diversity office, and the diversity office also includes GLBTA programs. It seems only logical that the office ought to at the very least be tolerant...if not there are larger issues afoot.

I also took another small step this week by stopping to speak with the representative of the GLBTA office at the information fair held as part of my employee orientation and signing up for their email lists.

Little by little...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Damn You, Starbucks!

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I like Chai latte on occasion.

Occasion used to be once every couple of months. Now I work near a Starbucks that can be accessed via underground tunnel from my office, and once every couple of months has turned into once every couple of days...which is expensive and can't be good for me, either.

Damn you, Starbucks!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've always had a dislike for text messaging.

Well, I may be changing my tune a bit. For the last couple of months I've been paying several dollars a month in casual text charges. I think it's time to accept that people are going to text me...and I will read them and reply, but there is no way I am going to keep paying Sprint's 20 cent fee per message to send/receive.

Now, I know I could simply add text messaging to my current plan and be done with it. But, if you know me you know why I hated texting in the first place...I type slow to begin with so pounding out messages on a regular phone keypad where you need to push a button 3-5 times to get your desired character...not so fun.

Solution: Get a smart phone or a phone with an included QWERTY keypad.

Problem with that? Even though I am eligible for a phone upgrade in April, that would require me signing a new contract AGAIN, which I already had to do in October, leaving me locked in to my current carrier until April 2010. While I have no overwhelming complaints about them, they are not faring well with customers lately and others are beginning to look more attractive.

My Options:

1) Renew in April for another two years and get a break on the phone I want then.
2) Spend $300-plus on the type of phone I want in order to avoid contract renewal.
3) Pay the $200 to exit my contract and port the number to another carrier (T-Mobile gets good reviews from some friends, and ATT is the home of iPhone, although I would not pop for one of those initially.)
4) Keep my current phone for the duration of the contract

Anyone out there want to comment on the cell phone racket, or endorse their carrier, phone or plan?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feed Reader Survey

A few months ago I started experimenting with feed readers to keep track of the blogs I enjoy.

First I tried Shrook.

Now I'm using Net News Wire and overall like it better. The problem? I tried synching with a free NewsGator account online and the online version says I have tons more unread posts than I actually do, and doesn't display my flagged items. Since I like to read entries and flag for later comment, I need to see those flagged items whether I'm on my MacBook, the family iMac, my iMac at the office or another machine.

Could Google Reader be worth a try?

Readers: Comment--what feed reader do you use and why?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend With Troystopher and Midwest Ben

This weekend I had the great pleasure of spending time with Troy and Ben as they visited Minneapolis for a couple of days. We had a very nice weekend together and I am confident we'll be good friends for a long time to come.

I met Troy at his hotel about 2 pm and we had a late lunch in one of the restaurants. We had nice conversation about such things as blogging, work, the Blogger Summit, and the fact his ears refused to pop (poor kid!).

Ben arrived and they went to dinner. While they were there, I had drinks in the hotel with family friend R, whom I have mentioned before on the blog. She had been wanting to get together to celebrate my new job, so I figured it was the perfect time. We talked about many things, including her recent change of majors,

Me: I'm not really on the market right now.
R: What if a super hot girl came along?
Me: Umm...well...there won't ever be a hot girl for me.
R: How come?
Me: Well, I'm gay
R: Really? You're kidding!
Me: Nope

We then the standard coming out conversation that consists of "How long have you known? Have you had any relationships?" etc. She was very supportive, and when I asked if I'd freaked her out at all, she said "I used to be a fashion design major, I have tons of gay guy friends!"

Of course I asked her not to say anything to her family, since it would get back to my parents and my dad doesn't know yet, nor am I prepared for him to.

After the guys had finished dinner and R and I parted ways, we headed to a dessert bar and I had some very good cheescake before we proceeded to the local Comedy Sportz to see some improv. I had never been before, and it was pretty good...except for the fact the red team won and the three of us thought the blue team was better.

By that time we were exhausted and retired for the evening.

We got up late and decided to head to the Hard Rock for lunch. Man, the portions were HUGE. I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, as we each finished about half our meals.

Then we went to the local GameWorks that was in the same complex. It was pretty funny, I had not been to an arcade in years! We did a bunch of games, mostly driving/racing and several rounds of "Deal or No Deal." Troy tried the infamous DDR, which was pretty funny to watch...said it was a good workout.

After GameWorks, it was off to the alumni bowling event that was being hosted by the student association I worked with in college. It was fun... in a kind of funky old bowling alley that is a bit of a Mpls landmark. I had to dodge the "how do you know these guys?" question a few times, but oh well. Troy is certainly the best bowler...I forget Ben's score but I'm pretty sure I got a paltry 45, maybe it was 42. Didn't get many high fives for spares or strikes, that's for sure!

After bowling we returned to the hotel and had a drink and a snack to close out our weekend. Ben headed back to school and I crashed there to avoid the hassle of having to turn around and come back into the city this morning--worked out well, as I was able to say goodbye and hop a cab to the office the same time Troy grabbed the airport shuttle.

It was such a nice time...a great experience to be able to see that we all are in fact who we appear to be. Feels good to have seen two of the guys who have become good friends of mine through this blog in recent months and for all of us to welcome each other into our "real lives." As anyone who has met them or reads their blogs knows, these are two really fantastic guys.

So, Troystopher and Ben, thank you for a wonderful weekend! I love you guys and look forward to the next time we meet. You both rock!!

(see Troy's post for more)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Blog--Check Him Out

I have to give props to a very special new blog. MBA Man has made the leap from LiveJournal to Blogger. Check out his new place on the web:

A Day in the Life Of

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Congrats; Blogger Summit Info

First off, I want to say CONGRATS to Matt and Closeted, who both started new jobs this week! Good luck guys!

Second, please see updates to the Blogger Meet Up web site. Now known as Blogger Summit, the event will be held June 27-30. Contact Troy, JR, K or me for more info!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm Still Here

I know I've been slightly MIA the last week or so folks. Starting new jobs and such will do that. All is well and the first week was good. Hopefully I will have time for a more substantial update in the next couple days. Hang in there with me people, please don't stop reading!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Day One

For any who may wonder, Day One at the new job went well. It was rather uneventful...typical first day stuff. I met lots of people and was given far too much new information that I probably won't remember until I do the tasks.

Some things I will like about this job:
  • Coworkers seem great.
  • Casual dress...jeans are ok!
  • I get to use a Mac!
  • I will learn a LOT
  • and so much more...
All in all, this is going to be a very good thing!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Catching Up With MBA Man

Had dinner with MBA Man last night. He told me vacation stories and we talked about life. It was nice. It occurred to me it was the first time we had gotten together one on one in over three years. I guess that is the way of things when friends are in relationships. Times change.

It is interesting how our dynamic has changed over the last several months since I came out to him. Some of our conversation topics are the same, but others are very different. There is an added comfort now to address topics neither of us would have touched before. I think it is the change that comes with knowing you are both playing for the same "team." I trust him and he trusts me--I believe there is very little left that we keep from one another. There are still moments when I think "I can't believe what he just told me." But, I'm glad he does--and I'm glad I can be just as open and honest with him.

Everyone should have a friend like that.

Friday, January 25, 2008

ATWT Gets Cheesy

Ok, I think it's cheesy to begin with and only watch for the Luke and Noah storyline.

That being said, does anyone else think the whole "Sam" thing is a bit much? Come on!

Joining The Working World

That's right folks...B is employed.

After 8 or so months of job searching I have finally landed a position that will begin my desired career.

If you want to know more, ask off blog.

And in case you wonder why I may be on AIM much less and a little slower to blog or comment, now you know.

I start Monday.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Major props to friend and fellow blogger Troystopher, who was profiled this morning on Best Gay Blogs. Check out the article:

BGB-Troy Christopher: Invitation Only

Congrats on the notoriety buddy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


It has been below zero here most of the weekend.

And you all (you know who you are) think the 40s and 50s are cold? Send some to MN will ya?

As if that was not bad enough, MBA Man sent an email to everyone yesterday with photos and a description of the Mid-80s in Cancun.

A warm weather vacation would be great right about now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Variety of Shout Outs

To My Readers:
Have I mentioned lately how much I love you all? The connections and friendships made through this blog are absolutely incredible and invaluable to me.

Oh, and just so you know, even if I may be a latecomer with my comments sometimes it does not mean I am behind in reading...I have a routine whereby I flag everything I want to comment on in my RSS reader and go back to it later. So, while I probably read your posts every day I may not comment until several days later.

To My Buddy V. Jay:
The boy is pledging to a frat--and doing so openly. It can't be easy and takes a lot of guts. I know a couple of former fratboys who are gay but they were not out in the frat. So, go V!

To A Couple of New Bloggers:
I've had the pleasure of chatting recently with a couple of new bloggers who are out there:

Dane @ I'm Well Informed and Out
Kris @ Poetry and Stories

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Friday, January 11, 2008

A Conversation With Bi Boy

Last night I was up quite late on AIM, and was surprised to get a message from Bi Boy. It's been some time since I heard from him.

He procceded to tell me that he'd been out last week with someone I'd know. Of course I wondered who. He tells me the guy's name and after a second I realized he was talking about MBA Man's ex...the guy he dated before the LTR with Photo Guy. He asked what I knew about this guy, which really isn't much since I never actually met him...but I'm sure during the course of their conversation somehow the connection was made.

So, the world gets smaller. But the conversation got more interesting when he asked about my love life. I was starting to get the sense from the conversation that he might know something about me--somehow I doubt he'd have told a straight guy friend about picking up boys and "getting [his] whore on."

Then, this:

BB: hey did you and [Apple Guy]ever
Me: ever what?
BB: that is what i am asking
Me: No...however you must know more about me than I think to have wondered about that
BB:you never know
Me:You can say it, I'll tell you the truth
Me: or ask it, I guess
BB: what if you say that you and [Apple Guy] did nothing i take that
BB: but i know you wanted him
Me:I did not
Me:Right....YOU wanted [Apple Guy]
BB:yes and no

Me:I will say that your radar is good....because I am
BB:you say it like i did not know
Me:how did you know? [Daisy Duke] tell you?
BB:i just know

Anyway, it was an interesting and surprising conversation. To learn that not only is he dating one of my friends exes, but he knew about me all along...and I'm far from "obvious", so the boy's gaydar must be finely tuned.

Indeed an interesting chat to have online at 2 am.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blogger Meet Up Info Site

For anyone seeking info on the blogger meet up we are planning, go to:

We've been pleased to hear from so many already and look forward to making contact with many more!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Blogger Meet Up 2008


We “gay bloggers” are an interesting group. Whether we’re semi-closeted or out and proud, from sunny California or the chillier regions of Canada, we are all connected. Whether we have been blogging three months or three years, we all seem to be part of a community. Look at any of our blogrolls and it becomes apparent there are far fewer than “six degrees of separation” at work.

Have you ever wanted to meet your blog buddies but wondered if it would ever be possible? Have you dreamed of getting people together but didn’t know how to go about it? We have too, and we have an answer!

Blogger Meet Up 2008!

We propose a gathering of bloggers to be held this summer in Chicago. It would be a chance for many of us to get together, hang out, and have fun in a casual atmosphere. We are thinking of about a 3-day get together, over a weekend in June or July.

Are you interested? Please contact one of us!

Troy of “Troystopher”
K of “I Have to Admit It”
B of “ Figuring Myself Out”
JR of “Nothing Golden Stays”

When contacting us to indicate your interest, let us know of your preferred weekends. Please email us no later than Friday, Feb. 29th so we can get dates set and look for a hotel to accommodate the group. Watch our blogs for additional information as plans progress.

We look forward to hearing from you. Lets make this a fun event!

All our Best,
B, Troy, K and JR

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Days of a New Year

I realized tonight I have not blogged in several days, again. There are stretches where I just do not feel motivated to blog and this has been another of them. Oh well, I guess it is my blog and I'm allowed to set the updating pace...thanks to you who read for putting up with my sporadic-ness.

Job Search:
There is progress on this front, as I have taken the next step. My strong prospect job, which I have told a few of you about, finally posted, I heard from my contact and I applied. Now, more waiting.

I have been following IA and NH, but so much has been said about this by others that I won't repeat it here.

Family Weekend:
My Uncle, Aunt and cousin came up for a visit this weekend. We had a nice time chatting, playing games and etc. Unfortunately, Mom has been ill...thinks she has food poisining. She was able to visit with them a bit yesterday but Dad and I did much of the "entertaining."

A Reconnection:
Remember the reason I ditched the chats? Well, one thing I never did was take AIM Boy off of either of my buddy lists. I don't know why or what possessed me to do so, but last night I IMed him just for a lark to see if he'd respond. He did and we proceeded to have a lengthy conversation about a lot of things. I am not sure what if anything will come of it but we both seem to have an interest in rekindling a friendship.

MBA Man Meets a Blogger:
A while back when I told MBA Man about this blog, I also told him a little bit about a few of my blog friends. Well, he's been in Chicago this weekend for work and this morning had brunch with Troystopher. (I had given them each other's emails and etc.) While I'm just a smidge jealous that MBA Man met my blogger buddy before me, I have to say I think it's kind of cool that connection could be made as a result of my blog.

Shout out...
To a new blog I like: Coming to Terms With "IT"

There you have it, folks. My life in a nutshell for the first few days of 2008!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you for joining me on my "journey out" these last months. I've met great guys and worked on "Figuring Myself Out" through this little blog. May we all continue to learn and grow with each other in 2008.

Thanks for Reading!