Monday, January 7, 2008

Blogger Meet Up 2008


We “gay bloggers” are an interesting group. Whether we’re semi-closeted or out and proud, from sunny California or the chillier regions of Canada, we are all connected. Whether we have been blogging three months or three years, we all seem to be part of a community. Look at any of our blogrolls and it becomes apparent there are far fewer than “six degrees of separation” at work.

Have you ever wanted to meet your blog buddies but wondered if it would ever be possible? Have you dreamed of getting people together but didn’t know how to go about it? We have too, and we have an answer!

Blogger Meet Up 2008!

We propose a gathering of bloggers to be held this summer in Chicago. It would be a chance for many of us to get together, hang out, and have fun in a casual atmosphere. We are thinking of about a 3-day get together, over a weekend in June or July.

Are you interested? Please contact one of us!

Troy of “Troystopher”
K of “I Have to Admit It”
B of “ Figuring Myself Out”
JR of “Nothing Golden Stays”

When contacting us to indicate your interest, let us know of your preferred weekends. Please email us no later than Friday, Feb. 29th so we can get dates set and look for a hotel to accommodate the group. Watch our blogs for additional information as plans progress.

We look forward to hearing from you. Lets make this a fun event!

All our Best,
B, Troy, K and JR


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a devastatingly good idea. I would like to be kept updated on the progress and maybe I can make arrangements to get out of the office to escape for it!


dan said...

dang it!!! just when i go and move to kabul, I'm pissed. ha ha
nah but seriously , please, count me in for 2009 all right, I;m there.
oh yeah also I 'm going to see K first cahnce I get back to NYC!!
also I want in on 2009 and I suggest Austin or Chicago ( sort of central?) great post, good luck. later.

Anonymous said...

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