Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Days of a New Year

I realized tonight I have not blogged in several days, again. There are stretches where I just do not feel motivated to blog and this has been another of them. Oh well, I guess it is my blog and I'm allowed to set the updating pace...thanks to you who read for putting up with my sporadic-ness.

Job Search:
There is progress on this front, as I have taken the next step. My strong prospect job, which I have told a few of you about, finally posted, I heard from my contact and I applied. Now, more waiting.

I have been following IA and NH, but so much has been said about this by others that I won't repeat it here.

Family Weekend:
My Uncle, Aunt and cousin came up for a visit this weekend. We had a nice time chatting, playing games and etc. Unfortunately, Mom has been ill...thinks she has food poisining. She was able to visit with them a bit yesterday but Dad and I did much of the "entertaining."

A Reconnection:
Remember the reason I ditched the chats? Well, one thing I never did was take AIM Boy off of either of my buddy lists. I don't know why or what possessed me to do so, but last night I IMed him just for a lark to see if he'd respond. He did and we proceeded to have a lengthy conversation about a lot of things. I am not sure what if anything will come of it but we both seem to have an interest in rekindling a friendship.

MBA Man Meets a Blogger:
A while back when I told MBA Man about this blog, I also told him a little bit about a few of my blog friends. Well, he's been in Chicago this weekend for work and this morning had brunch with Troystopher. (I had given them each other's emails and etc.) While I'm just a smidge jealous that MBA Man met my blogger buddy before me, I have to say I think it's kind of cool that connection could be made as a result of my blog.

Shout out...
To a new blog I like: Coming to Terms With "IT"

There you have it, folks. My life in a nutshell for the first few days of 2008!