Friday, January 11, 2008

A Conversation With Bi Boy

Last night I was up quite late on AIM, and was surprised to get a message from Bi Boy. It's been some time since I heard from him.

He procceded to tell me that he'd been out last week with someone I'd know. Of course I wondered who. He tells me the guy's name and after a second I realized he was talking about MBA Man's ex...the guy he dated before the LTR with Photo Guy. He asked what I knew about this guy, which really isn't much since I never actually met him...but I'm sure during the course of their conversation somehow the connection was made.

So, the world gets smaller. But the conversation got more interesting when he asked about my love life. I was starting to get the sense from the conversation that he might know something about me--somehow I doubt he'd have told a straight guy friend about picking up boys and "getting [his] whore on."

Then, this:

BB: hey did you and [Apple Guy]ever
Me: ever what?
BB: that is what i am asking
Me: No...however you must know more about me than I think to have wondered about that
BB:you never know
Me:You can say it, I'll tell you the truth
Me: or ask it, I guess
BB: what if you say that you and [Apple Guy] did nothing i take that
BB: but i know you wanted him
Me:I did not
Me:Right....YOU wanted [Apple Guy]
BB:yes and no

Me:I will say that your radar is good....because I am
BB:you say it like i did not know
Me:how did you know? [Daisy Duke] tell you?
BB:i just know

Anyway, it was an interesting and surprising conversation. To learn that not only is he dating one of my friends exes, but he knew about me all along...and I'm far from "obvious", so the boy's gaydar must be finely tuned.

Indeed an interesting chat to have online at 2 am.


Anonymous said...

it seems that most people are far more obvious to people of their own "persuasion" than they think.

My partner was asked about gaydar by his brother years ago. I told the brother-in-law that it's all in the eyes; if they can't take the eyes off my crotch they're gay. I said t in jest, but as a straight man he didn't see the joke.


Anonymous said...

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