Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Variety of Shout Outs

To My Readers:
Have I mentioned lately how much I love you all? The connections and friendships made through this blog are absolutely incredible and invaluable to me.

Oh, and just so you know, even if I may be a latecomer with my comments sometimes it does not mean I am behind in reading...I have a routine whereby I flag everything I want to comment on in my RSS reader and go back to it later. So, while I probably read your posts every day I may not comment until several days later.

To My Buddy V. Jay:
The boy is pledging to a frat--and doing so openly. It can't be easy and takes a lot of guts. I know a couple of former fratboys who are gay but they were not out in the frat. So, go V!

To A Couple of New Bloggers:
I've had the pleasure of chatting recently with a couple of new bloggers who are out there:

Dane @ I'm Well Informed and Out
Kris @ Poetry and Stories

These guys are cool. Stop by their blogs and say hello!

And to a Blogger Returned...
Tally has returned with "You've Got a Gay" v. 2.0


Kris said...

Thanks for the shameless plug of my blog... i really appreciate it. Im really glad i met you.


JoeJoe said...

Ah, I've noticed previously that some of your comments come a bit later - always cool to know the rhyme behind the reason. It doesn't matter (to me) when they're made, comments are always appreciated. :-)

Mara said...

Hey dude,

I saw your comment on Kristofurrr's blog... he's a doll.

Anyway, just thought I would stop by and see what you're all about.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

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