Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Sad Reality Hits Home

This afternoon, a blogger friend of mine with whom I have become very close IMed me to tell me he had a story about an "incident" last night involving his two best friends. He said he'd fill me in later, when he was home and not messaging from his cell phone. Being that we talk daily, and often about these guys, who we refer to as The Twins, I thought I knew what to expect---The Twins sound like wonderful kids who've gotten themselves in some pretty interesting situations.

I was not prepared for what I heard. I was told that last night they arrived home from an evening out with Twin B's parents to discover their home and new vehicles had been broken, tires slashed, and slurs scrawled in several places.

And that was not the worst of it. The neighborhood punks responsible for the vandalism were still around and attacked the two. They will recover, but both sustained injuries ranging from bruised ribs to a broken leg.

As my friend shared this with me, my heart sank. Until tonight, gay bashing was something I'd only seen on the news or in television shows. I've always known it was real, but it hadn't happened to anyone I knew--or if it had, I didn't know about it.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. It sickens me that these two people would be attacked on their own property, in a neighborhood where Twin B grew up, simply because they are a gay couple. It sounds like an episode of QAF, but it's not, it's reality.

And that's pretty damn fucked up.


letopho said...

When will it end?

I wish them well.

Aek said...

That is horrible and saddening to hear about. :( Were the assailants ever found and arrested? Hate crimes are quite severe.

I hope The Twins come out alright.

Anonymous said...

We the aforementioned twins are doing fine. A little sore, but thats what painkillers are for. Thanks for your concern. Peace Out


Brent said...

Wow Wow Wow!! Sad :-( I hope they are ok and that the fuckers that did it, go down!!!

A Day In The Life said...

WOW WOW WOW! I hope they are ok and I hope the fuckers that did it, go down!!!

Anonymous said...

happens every day, even in liberal, urban areas where it is not expected.