Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Congrats; Blogger Summit Info

First off, I want to say CONGRATS to Matt and Closeted, who both started new jobs this week! Good luck guys!

Second, please see updates to the Blogger Meet Up web site. Now known as Blogger Summit, the event will be held June 27-30. Contact Troy, JR, K or me for more info!


Anonymous said...

Yee-HAH; Chicago in June...can't wait!

JoeJoe said...

Just a fyi - I definitely will not be attending.
Besides potential money issues the confirmed date is the same weekend as Twin Cities Pride (I've had that planned since last June).
I know I didn't give any of y'all a date preference, so I'm not faulting the date (any fault would fall with me ;).
I hope it goes well!!

Kris said...

Chicago sounds like so much fun... I cant wait. I there some sort of a fee for coming?

Anonymous said...

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