Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend With Troystopher and Midwest Ben

This weekend I had the great pleasure of spending time with Troy and Ben as they visited Minneapolis for a couple of days. We had a very nice weekend together and I am confident we'll be good friends for a long time to come.

I met Troy at his hotel about 2 pm and we had a late lunch in one of the restaurants. We had nice conversation about such things as blogging, work, the Blogger Summit, and the fact his ears refused to pop (poor kid!).

Ben arrived and they went to dinner. While they were there, I had drinks in the hotel with family friend R, whom I have mentioned before on the blog. She had been wanting to get together to celebrate my new job, so I figured it was the perfect time. We talked about many things, including her recent change of majors,

Me: I'm not really on the market right now.
R: What if a super hot girl came along?
Me: Umm...well...there won't ever be a hot girl for me.
R: How come?
Me: Well, I'm gay
R: Really? You're kidding!
Me: Nope

We then the standard coming out conversation that consists of "How long have you known? Have you had any relationships?" etc. She was very supportive, and when I asked if I'd freaked her out at all, she said "I used to be a fashion design major, I have tons of gay guy friends!"

Of course I asked her not to say anything to her family, since it would get back to my parents and my dad doesn't know yet, nor am I prepared for him to.

After the guys had finished dinner and R and I parted ways, we headed to a dessert bar and I had some very good cheescake before we proceeded to the local Comedy Sportz to see some improv. I had never been before, and it was pretty good...except for the fact the red team won and the three of us thought the blue team was better.

By that time we were exhausted and retired for the evening.

We got up late and decided to head to the Hard Rock for lunch. Man, the portions were HUGE. I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, as we each finished about half our meals.

Then we went to the local GameWorks that was in the same complex. It was pretty funny, I had not been to an arcade in years! We did a bunch of games, mostly driving/racing and several rounds of "Deal or No Deal." Troy tried the infamous DDR, which was pretty funny to watch...said it was a good workout.

After GameWorks, it was off to the alumni bowling event that was being hosted by the student association I worked with in college. It was fun... in a kind of funky old bowling alley that is a bit of a Mpls landmark. I had to dodge the "how do you know these guys?" question a few times, but oh well. Troy is certainly the best bowler...I forget Ben's score but I'm pretty sure I got a paltry 45, maybe it was 42. Didn't get many high fives for spares or strikes, that's for sure!

After bowling we returned to the hotel and had a drink and a snack to close out our weekend. Ben headed back to school and I crashed there to avoid the hassle of having to turn around and come back into the city this morning--worked out well, as I was able to say goodbye and hop a cab to the office the same time Troy grabbed the airport shuttle.

It was such a nice time...a great experience to be able to see that we all are in fact who we appear to be. Feels good to have seen two of the guys who have become good friends of mine through this blog in recent months and for all of us to welcome each other into our "real lives." As anyone who has met them or reads their blogs knows, these are two really fantastic guys.

So, Troystopher and Ben, thank you for a wonderful weekend! I love you guys and look forward to the next time we meet. You both rock!!

(see Troy's post for more)


Mike said...


Sounds like they are great guys like I'd expect.

Congratulations on coming out to your friend!


Anonymous said...

happy times :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you had a nearly ideal weekend - congrats!

dit said...

How fun, what a great meeting of some great guys.

Mr. X said...

sounds like such a nice weekend!
congrats on coming out to R. :)

Anonymous said...

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