Monday, December 29, 2008

Next Up...New Years

Had a nice Christmas. Pretty low key, but that is how we like it around here. Got a few nice gifts...a couple sportcoats, pants, a book, a calendar...mostly "functional" items.

We went to a couple after Christmas sales Friday. The mall was insane, but I did grab a $4 pair of slippers, and later picked up holiday cards for next season for about $4 a box...not bad.

It was an interesting week with a puppy running sister's combined birthday and Christmas gift was a dog. She's had him since Mid-Nov, and he is cute as hell...sure keeps us on our toes though, especially with the cats. They are happy he has gone back to his home so they can have the run of the house again.

Two more days in 2008...where did the year go?

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Years