Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Neglecting The Blog...

It’s strange to think how long I have been away from this blog. I’ve probably lost most readers I once had.

As you’ll note below, I took a couple of vacations recently. First, I went fishing in Northern Minnesota with my father. It’s one of those activities that we have always done together and bonded over…but in the last few years, our opportunities to do it have been limited by work and school. It was a nice trip, and we caught fish and had good conversations. Some of you may wonder, and the answer is no—I did not come out to him and still do not plan to until I have left the house.

Second up was a trip out to Colorado to see my grandparents and aunt on Dad’s side. I have always enjoyed visiting out there and despite distance have been quite close with his family over the years. We had a wonderful visit.

It’s always funny to listen to my grandparents speak of what a wonderful person I am and how they would not change anything about me. That is, anything they know about…somehow I think my star would shine a little less brightly if they knew I was gay, as they simply do not approve of homosexuality. I believe I have blogged before about the fact that it is one part of my life they will never know about—it’s not worth risking the closeness we share for whatever years they may have left.

And now, friends, it'll be business as usual for a while.


dit said...

I completely understand about the Grandparents. My Grandparents felt the same way. When I was standing at my grandfathers funeral, it hit me how short life really is. Too short to not live and really be who you are. That was the moment I decided to be honest with myself.

Glad you had such a nice holiday.

Anonymous said...

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