Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Already?

I can't believe we are into August already. This summer has flown by so fast even though I feel like I have gotten nothing done.

Some random items...

Went up to my alma mater for a day last week. It was like being "home" and was a nice visit even though I started to feel sick about halfway through the day. Some 24 hour bug. Icky.

I'm still looking for a job, which pretty much sucks. Anyone out there who's looking knows the market is soft and I'm really unsure at this point what is going to happen. It's frustrating and somewhat depressing.

My friends are fine. Country Girl has been really into the whole "ally" thing in recent months, which is cool...but sometimes that's all she seems to want to discuss. She was rather up in arms recently over Fly Boy, who decided he was moving to three different places in three weeks. He finally settled on Hawaii to be with an ex...not sure about that one, but to each his own choices.

Daisy Duke and Apple Guy will both be living in our metro area this fall....she's doing something with marketing research and he nonprofit work. I have not seen either in several months and hope to now that we're near each other again.

MBA Man has adjusted to life "in the sticks" as he calls it....except for the lack of eligible bachelors.

I guess that's all for now...

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Aek said...

Good luck on the job front!!