Friday, October 12, 2007


Warning: This may be a 3-4 post day, I've got some in draft.

First, a few random musings.

  • I am not a gossip king, although the previous post might give you that impression. Yes, I told Country Girl, but no one else...and I think MBA Man was happy she knew. My relationship with him only got closer after that.
  • Feed readers are a godsend. I count 46 blogs that I currently read. If you're not syndicating you should be.
  • It's Josh K. "Birthday Week" over at J&J. Drop by and wish him well.
  • What is a "Birthday Week"? Is it a custom for gays to stretch out celebrations? If so, rock on!
  • Cody over at Alternativ Life is coming out this weekend...good luck, buddy!
  • Troystopher taught his mom to text (mine would be hopeless) and now has a real date with Topher...go boy!
  • I never heard the name Topher before the actor Topher Grace, and now I hear it all the time. The new "Chandler?" There must be too many Chrises.