Monday, October 8, 2007

Are There Boys in Your Life?

In March of 2005, several months after MBA Man had come out to me, I returned to the cities for another conference. This time, he decided it was time I, and everyone else there, met Photo Guy, (so named based on his profession of photographer) the person he’d dated since that October. It was a short and unplanned introduction ( I didn’t know they were BOTH coming until they showed up at the hotel) but Photo Guy seemed nice enough.

In May, the two of them decided to make a trip up to our college town to visit and spend a day at the nearby state park. We made dinner plans for the evening they arrived in town. It was the first time I was to really have a chance to interact with them as a couple.

During dinner, the conversation turned to my love life, when MBA Man asked if there were any girls in my life. Of course I replied that there were not. Photo Guy took the question a step further and asked about boys. MBA Man started to apologize for that, but I said it was a fair question and gave an accurate answer—no girls or boys were in my life romantically.

Photo Guy hardly knew me at that time, but his radar must have been good. I knew deep down he never would have asked that question if he didn’t sense a “Yes” was a possibility.