Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are You Gay?

Over at DTB, Matt recently ruminated on the topic of the dreaded question:

Are you gay?

Personally, I think I am almost at the point where I’m ready to give a truthful reply. I almost wish some people would just ask that question, as it would be so easy to just answer “Yes” instead of having to sit and plan what to say and when. Sure, I’d still have some explaining to do and questions to answer, but it still seems like it would be easier for them to bring it up as opposed to me.

Of course I have been asked the question before, in jest, particularly by the person that gave me so much shit about my friendship with Apple Guy. I was actually amazed she didn’t make some comment on Friday, as she was with the SG folks that came down, Had she done so, I would have been so tempted to turn to her and say:

“Guess what A, I am gay, you caught me. I’ve always been and will always be. I was gay before you started all the teasing in September, and I will always be. Regardless, Apple Guy is a platonic buddy and always will be. Now please move on and let someone else be the focus of your jokes, because we’ve both had enough.”

Ah, the things that could have been said.


Anonymous said...

are you gay?

Closet Frat Boy said...

good question. Are you gay?

Troystopher said...

I hate this question...

Anonymous said...

Its not about being ashamed of being gay its just that I dont want people to like or despise me more just because of ONE factor that defines me.

Human beings are more complex. Are you gay? Yes, but that should not change anything.

Anonymous said...

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