Monday, October 8, 2007

The Joke and The Bet

For the next installment of “Stories From the Past” I’ll fast forward to Fall 2006, the beginning of the “weird year”

It started off with a long running and wholly inappropriate joke about my being involved with a good friend and student government colleague, Apple Guy (because of his like of Apple stuff) Another girl in SG started the joke when the two of us were going out to dinner and she was not invited. We were then “dating” in her eyes. We laughed it off. Note: Apple Guy is straight and I treat him like a brother so there was/is nothing more there.

But…Ironically the joke and his penchant for calling EVERYONE “sweetie” “pumpkin” etc. raised questions about Apple Guy among some. At one point I discovered that two more friends and colleagues…Daisy Duke (Loves the Dukes of Hazzard) and Bi Boy (plays for both teams) had engaged in a bet to see who could make out with Apple Guy first. I confronted her on this, telling her that if she and Bi Boy were trying to out him, it was not right. All the while I thought how horrible it would be if that were ever done to me.

She assured they were not, but revealed that Bi Boy was indeed bi and had a crush on Apple Guy for some time. The whole revelation was just strange.