Thursday, November 15, 2007

Worry Not, I Am Still Here

Joe commented that I hadn't blogged in a few days. Worry not, I'm OK. And it's not midterms, since I'm not a student. There simply hasn't been much going on lately that fits on this blog.

New to sidebar:
Jonathan at Rabid Mongoose has transitioned to Degree and a Soy Latte .
Check him out.

Haloscan oops:
This morning I was commenting on some blogs that use Haloscan. I inadvertently left comments on two friends' blogs using my name but linking to THIS blog instead of my other one. Needless to say, a "HOLY SHIT!!" moment. I couldn't get rid of the comments so I left follow ups saying the auto-complete had filled in a website that wasn't mine. The auto-complete part is true.


Mr. X said...

quick question...if they decide to click the link to this blog out of curiousity, won't they see this entry explaining the mistake? then they'll know that it's really you. just thought if that's true, you might want to delete that part of your entry.
but if not, then ignore this comment.
just trying to help.

Mike said...

Yeah, I was reading your post and I thought the same thing as Mr. X.

I had a similar situation. I pasted my gay blog on a google talk conversation, but fortunately, my friend's connection went down...

Anonymous said...

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