Sunday, November 25, 2007

Homo Lingo Applied

Not long ago, I posted about "homo lingo"

Last night, I got my first taste of it when I heard Fly Boy call me a bitch. I don't know what was being discussed at that moment, but I stopped in my tracks:

Me: Fly Boy, did you just call me a bitch?

Fly Boy: Yeah, I can do that since you're one of us now.


Joe said...

Here's a blast from the past, of my blog.
Usually when I talk to my friends like that its all in good fun/humor. Also, I tend not to get too 'gaybonic' around a large group of straight people - being in Fargo you still have the hopelessly homophobic types that could overhear and go overboard...

Pete said...

At least he didn't call you a slut ;-)

Anonymous said...

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