Thursday, November 8, 2007

Are My Two Blog Worlds In Danger of Colliding?

This morning I was reading a post from one of the many blogs on my sidebar and I noticed something strange. There was text within the post that looked as if it had been taken from an entry on my main blog.

The bloggers in question read this blog but I had no idea they had seen my other blog. Now, this is the internet and for all I know they could have Googled a subject and found me.

It really makes me wonder how many people are aware of both my blogs, and whether or not they have made the connection and realize that blogger and this blogger are the same person.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone knows that you might wear glasses!

Mike said...

I have that same fear now that I created a blog just so my cousins could read. I've blogged about similar things (of course not sexuality), but like random thoughts I have about say a song and then I see I have a ton of hits on my blogs for the same thing.I think it is part of the paranoia of being closeted.

K said...

I agree, I am totally paranoid about someone I know irl finding out about my blog and making the connection.

However, I am getting less so by the day....BUT I still care!!!

Josh said...

It is a little freaky. I'm not closeted anymore...but I was born in a VERY SMALL town. I was closeted when I lived there. I always worry when I see those hits from that town on my blog...cause I wonder if a teacher or something has found it and figures out it's me.

Anonymous said...

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