Sunday, November 18, 2007

Responding to Reader Comments

Thanks to all who commented on my recent posts.

With regard to blogging about the Haloscan mistake:
I know it is possible they could click here, see that and put two and two together. I thought about taking it down, but decided against it. If they know, they know. They aren't folks I see regularly so there is not the awkwardness and paranoia you might expect.

With regard to friends breaking up:
I have been told they are still being civil to one another, which is good. When I talked to MBA Man the other day he assured me he was doing OK. I know he is quite a positive and resilient guy, so he'll land on his feet. And Joe is correct that life in general is a fragile thing.

Why I post a lot about Student Government:
Joe also mentioned that he might have been under the impression I was still a student because of my many SG references. I do indeed talk a lot about my past as a student leader on this blog, and on my other one. As I'm sure folks like Joe and V.Jay can also attest, as a college student in SG, it becomes a HUGE part of your it was in mine from September of 02 when I entered my university until this May when I graduated. I met most of my close friends in SG, such as Country Girl, MBA Man, Apple Guy and Daisy Duke. And I'm still connected to a point through the state association's attempts to organize alumni. So, even though I have graduated the references continue.


Joe said...

I understand where you're coming with with the SG stuff. I still know the current Pres/VP and about half of the execs - and I have been away from it for about 2 years now. I also still keep in contact with many people from SG - it is a big thing at NDSU (we budget about $2.5 million a year ;) and was the best part of my college experience.

BTW - I was involved in the NDSA (equivalent to MSUSA or whatev the MN state-wide group is). Hell, at one point I was even elected President (resigned for personal reasons) and my name was forwarded to the Governor for consideration as the Student Member of the State Board of Higher Education (didn't get far, they found out I was a Democrat - he's Republican).

Anonymous said...

My SG expereince was from the HS and Community College level, but the committment is still the same for all aspects of SG... It does consume your life, but in a great exciting way.

I have not gotten as far up the ladder to be in the state level, I would have if I had another year to rule the state. Mwahhhahhaahhaa.

Anonymous said...

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