Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pardon the Lackluster Posting This Week...

I know I have been slacking on both posting and reading and commenting. I've had a stressful couple of weeks in general since Thanksgiving. Added to that, a friend and colleague from my days in state-level student gov't passed away last week. It was sudden, unexpected and hit all who knew him pretty hard. So, I've spent a lot of my time the last few days communicating with friends, reading tributes on Facebook and other blogs, etc.

But I'm back now. Watch for me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the loss. Its better to just take things easier when an unfortunate event happens.

Its hard to say goodbye.

eliot said...

back with a vengeance.
- eliot

Mr. X said...

i'm sorry to hear about your loss.

JoeJoe said...

That sucks. I was just about to post a 'concerned' comment too 'cause you hadn't posted for a while.

Hope all is well, or at least better, now.



Anonymous said...

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