Monday, December 17, 2007

Dispelling Stereotypes-The B Edition

After watching the video below, you may be curious to learn a little more about me. Because like the person in it, I don't fit most gay stereotypes either.

Some things about B that you may or may not know:
  • I enjoy the outdoors
  • I like Housewives, Brothers and Sisters etc. but also love shows like The Office and Damages.
  • QAF is great, but I don't think it's how 99 percent of people behave.
  • I am not obsessed with Cher or Barbara
  • I am not "domestic" in any sense of the word (cooking, baking,etc.)
  • I don't have an eye for fashion and there is scarcely a designer label in my closet
  • I am not obsessed with musical theatre
  • I do not automatically know who's gay or not--my gaydar sucks
Just because I am gay doesn't mean I fit all stereotypes. Conversely, not fitting stereotypes doesn't make one "less gay" and a switch does not flip upon coming out that makes you fit the mold.


BW said...

AMEN. I got so annoyed with friends saying "Are you sure, you dont act gay"

Anonymous said...

You are a unique every person should be. Thank you for not being a stereotype!


Steve and Warren said...

Being gay is just one part of our human lives - each of us is a unique human being. As such we have the same differences as our heterosexual counter parts - and I think what you see on television, or QAF, or Gay Dot Com; does not reflect who ever gay man in the world is!

Thank the good Lord, he made Steve and I different, and everyone else. After all, what fun would it be to all be the same?

None at all.

Merry Christmas from two very unique gay guys, to you!

Steve and Warren

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Well said.

There is nothing worse than being the same as everyone else.

K said...

I agree with this entire post.

Ppl should just be allowed to be themselves and act however is most natural to them w/o having to worry about how it will be perceived....

{takes off rose colored glasses LOL}

Anonymous said...

are you sure youre gay?

(sorry, i couldnt help myself)

Angel City's Devil said...

Everything you listed sounds pretty HOT to me...;)

B said...

Being pigeon-holed into some sort of category scares me a lot! If I was to come out I think I would get so annoyed with people assuming I want to help them with fashion or watch QAF marathons!

Anonymous said...

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